3 x 3 Magic Razor Wands

3x3 Facial Hair Removal Tools

Save when you buy 3 x Magic Razor Wands to smooth and de-fuzz your face. The set includes 3 boxes of Magic Razor Wands (3 wands per box).

3 x 3 Magic Razor Wands Kit includes:
3 boxes of Magic Razor Wands (3 wands per box)

Forget harsh hair removal creams, bleaching, or waxing, which can leave skin sensitive and irritated – tweak your eyebrows, trim your hairline or de-fuzz your upper lip with a simple sweep of one of these clever razors.

Designed to remove fine facial hair without causing irritation, Magic Razor Wands are a quick and easy route to smooth, fuzz-free skin. With high grade Swedish stainless steel safety blades and reduced plastic handles that are made from 80% wheat straw

3 x 3 Magic Razor Wands will have you stocked up for the rest of the year!

Apply a Votary Cleansing Oil to clean skin. Remove razor cover, place at a slight angle to skin, lightly glide across your skin against the grain of the hair, gently wipe with your Votary Face Cloth. Follow with Super Seed Facial Oil.

That’s it: hair-free, smooth, soft skin in seconds.