Which goes first - facial oil or moisturiser?

February 18, 2020

Which goes first - facial oil or moisturiser? The answer is your facial oil goes first.

Facial oil or moisturiser first - it's a question of texture. The order in which you use skin care usually depends on texture and thickness. The thinner the texture the earlier it features in your routine.

  • Serums go first and soak deep into the skin.
  • Facial oils go next, as they are lightweight and easily absorbed.
  • Moisturising creams are the last step. They seal everything in and sit smoothly on the skin.

In the Votary routine we recommend that you:

The key thing to remember is that Votary facial oils are made from pure plant oils - they are designed to sink into your skin, to nourish and hydrate it.  Creams, meanwhile, are designed to create a delicate barrier between your skin and the outside world.  So if you apply your facial oil after your cream, the facial oil will not get a chance to soak into your skin and where it's really needed.  That's why facial oils should either go straight onto freshly cleansed skin or be applied immediately after lightweight serums.

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