Facial hair removal with Magic Razor Wands

May 14, 2021

Facial hair removal that is gentle and effective

NEW Magic Razor Wands were born out of a VOTARY HQ Zoom call comparing 'tache-removal-mishaps. Magic Razor Wands are gentle facial hair removal tools that leave you fuzz-free without irritation. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with facial hair, but if you would like it gone, the Magic Razor Wands will do the trick gently and effectively.

As we age and reach peri-menopause and menopause, hormones become imbalanced and can cause more hair growth on the face. This is also a common symptom in women with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

Hair removal creams, bleaching, or waxing, can leave skin sensitive, irritated or even prone to breakouts tweak your eyebrows, trim your hairline or de-fuzz your upper lip with a simple sweep of one of these clever razors.

Designed to remove fine facial hair without causing irritation, Magic Razor Wands are a quick and easy route to smooth, fuzz-free skin. With high grade Swedish stainless steel safety blades and reduced plastic handles that are made from 80% wheat straw.

Tweak your eyebrows, trim you hairline or de-fuzz your upper lip while protecting our skin from irritation with our Magic Razor Wands.

Forget booking appointments. VOTARY's handy Magic Razor Wands make hair removal at home quick, painless and totally fuss-free - trimming away excess fuzz without leaving a trace.

The Ritual

Apply a Votary Cleansing Oil to clean skin. Remove razor cover, place at a slight angle to skin, lightly glide across your skin against the grain of the hair, gently wipe with your Votary Face Cloth. Follow with Super Seed Facial Oil.

Try for yourself with our Super Smooth Set!

Myth-busting facial hair removal

Removing hair with a razor doesn’t make it grow back thicker. The end of the hair will be blunt, rather than tapered, but they won’t actually be thicker.

Watch Arabella and skin therapist Jeanie Scott as they demo facial hair removal over on Instagram.