Q + A with TROY London

September 29, 2022

TROY is a British luxury clothing brand founded in 2013 by sisters Rosie and Lucia. Named after the Oxfordshire country house they grew up in, TROY inspired their passion for the British countryside. Their love of rural living and passion for contemporary design helped form this brand synonymous with elegant, timeless, sustainable style.

We were thrilled to sit down with Rosie to discover more about the brand. Keep reading for the scoop and some excellent tips in how to bring more sustainability into our wardrobe choices.

Can you tell us a little bit about where your passion for sustainable clothing came from?

I have always loved beautiful clothing, and during university years would rifle through charity shops to find pre-loved and vintage gems to bolster my wardrobe. When we started TROY, Lucia and I wanted to create designs of lasting quality, but also timeless in style so that people could enjoy them for years and even pass them down the generations. We have worked hard to source sustainable and organic fabrics and from the UK and Europe as much as we can, and all of our designs are made here in the UK so the carbon footprint of every piece is hugely reduced. There is certainly always more we can do to improve but creating designs with a positive impact on people and the environment is something we are passionate about.

TROY was founded nearly 10 years ago. The world has changed a lot in that time. What have been the biggest obstacles for you to overcome?

Well I have to say it does feel like there have been just a few obstacles along the way! Brexit and Covid being the most obvious, but on a personal note we have amassed four babies between us so that has also kept us busy! The dual challenge of growing a family at the same time as a family business is very much a privilege, but that doesn’t make it easy. We work hard to get the balance as best we can every day.

Has your approach to buying clothing changed since starting TROY? What are the key things you look for when you are about to make a purchase?

Having started TROY with little to no experience in design and manufacturing has meant there have been some long and steep learning curves, and some strange and wonderful specialist knowledge acquired along the way (from zip gauges to wadding weights, baby locking to shock cords…!) I do, as a result, take a much closer look at the quality of the craftsmanship when purchasing clothing, and if I like the quality and fabrics, and of course the fit, I will invest in a way I wouldn’t have done in the past as I know that ultimately it is worth it if I can treasure it for many seasons.

You’re going on a last minute country weekend away - what TROY must-haves do you grab, while still packing light?

My trusty TROY Wax Parka to handle any weather, layered with a Quilted Gilet and a lovely soft knit for the evenings. I am recently more and more obsessed with my Mariner Hat as the perfect little cap for cooler days and a saviour of scruffy hair like mine.

Tell us a little about your skincare routine? Are you a cleansing obsessive or does tiredness sometimes take over?

I really do love to cleanse, and a light resurfacer is key for my skin, but this needs to be followed by skin oils – such a revelation on a girl who always stuck to moisturiser! I don’t get much time to myself in the morning but the Daily Apple Toner has been shoe horned into my routine and I adore it.

Which VOTARY product wouldn’t you be without?

Super Seed Facial Oil.

What are your top tips for buying more sustainably? What do consumers often not know that would make a difference to how they view a purchase?

I think the biggest shift for me is from being a total bargain hunter to now pausing to think how can a quality cotton t-shirt POSSIBLY cost £8 and be lasting and good for the environment. How did the people who made it get paid and treated? It is very simple but I now know the value of fabrics and workmanship and try not to support cheap and fast fashion where I can avoid it.

Quickfire questions

Bath or shower?

Bath with lots of condiments.

Best throw-together supper?

Asian broth with veggies and noodles.

Favourite fragrance?

I have a few but am currently loving Chloe Nomade.

Footwear of choice?

Trainers for me, though I love a comfy ankle boot.

Hidden gems in Norfolk?

There are so many lovely bolt holes and wind swept beaches to choose from, and a recent Shanty Music festival at The Jolly Sailors, Brancaster was one of the more relaxed and happy weekend pub experiences I have had in a long while.

Last book you read?

'Sorrow and Bliss' by Meg Mason. I am also currently reading 'When you Lose It', an autobiography co-authored by friend Gay Longworth and her daughter Roxy on some very testing subject matter surrounding the safety of teenagers growing up with mobile imagery and trolling, which is incredibly moving.