Prepping Limbs for Spring

April 07, 2020

It's that time of year. Boots off, jeans off, socks off, hello legs and feet. We all love the first bare-legged day of late Spring, even if it means some rapid self-care. I love retrieving my summer clothes and sandals from the back of the wardrobe at the very first suggestion of a sunny day. But first there's some prepping to be done...

However much moisturising I do through the winter (and I slather it onto my shins before layering up with my clothes), they still look a little dry, a little dull when Spring comes around. My first step is some serious exfoliation. I take a couple of pumps of our Antidote Bath and Body Oil, massage it into my legs and then dry buff with one of our 100% cotton facecloths. I follow this with a lovely bath. Any old, dry skin is sloughed speedily away which is the very first step to fresh, gleaming limbs. Exfoliating dead skin also means that whatever follows can be more properly and deeply absorbed.

The next step is some specialist care. I start with our Body Treatment Oil which  magically restores smoothness and lustre. I formulated it for the unsightly, stubborn dry patches of skin which can be found on elbows, knees and ankles. It  contains macadamia oil which is luxuriously hydrating and nourishing, and rosehip oil and Vitamin E to add beautiful softness. Natural salicylic acid smooths away roughness, and sea buckthorn oil adds a beautifully flattering glow. I rub it into all my joints and wherever else feels  a bit rough or unloved - my heels drink it in. It's also brilliant at discouraging any ingrown hairs which might be a result of waxing or shaving.

My toes are next on my list. They have a slightly forlorn air having been stashed in my boots or wellies all winter. Open-toed sandals at this point look like a bit of a stretch. Our Super Seed Nutrient Cream is a total wonder-worker. One tiny dab massaged into the tops of my toes and around my cuticles and the skin is nourished, revived and coaxed back to peachy softness. They are instantly ready for a coat of nail polish. My current favourite is Smith and Cult Tang Bang

I finish my limb love-in with an all-over skin-drench of our Hydrating Body Oil.  It's a multi-sensory way to beautifully toned and supple skin.  Quickly absorbed, it leaves my skin glowing and radiant. It's loaded with clever ingredients. Plum and black cumin oils moisturise and add youthful fullness. Peach kernel oil adds velvety softness and camellia comforts and restores. Rosehip and sea buckthorn oils impart a lustrous glow. Bergamot and mandarin oils add a gorgeous, zesty fragrance which is like summer in a bottle.  As I massage it in, it's a lovely mood-enhancing, uplifting moment. My legs feel comfortable and deeply hydrated and look glossy, supple and gleaming.

It's a total transformation, and I feel ready to step out bare-legged and happy. Wishing you your best foot forward on the first sunny day of the year,

Love, Arabella x