Autumn Skincare Edit

September 02, 2020

September is a time of new beginnings and I just love the segue into autumn weather (and autumn skincare). Wearing a scarf or pair of tights for the first time is a genuine thrill, and the glorious autumn colours make for some truly memorable moments in nature.

What I don't love so much is how my skin can look at this time of year. As my summer glow fades my skin can feel dull and dry, and any sun damage that may have occurred suddenly becomes obvious. I find that by switching out some key products I can mitigate and embrace the change in seasons. I often refer to my products as my skincare wardrobe - think about how you layer your clothes differently throughout the year. Right now I am putting on a light cardigan, in a few months time it will be a cashmere jumper and thick coat. Get your skincare layers right and be prepared to tweak and alternate them - and have fun doing it!

Here are my 3 key areas to focus on for the shift in seasons and the segue to autumn skincare:


Deep cleaning your skin with a nourishing plant oil cleanser and face cloth is a great way to slough off the summer and reveal your glow. Use a clean face cloth every day so you really get the benefit of the gentle physical exfoliation. Try a second cleanse with the Radiance Reveal Mask. The powerful mandelic acid, lactic acid and AHA acids work beautifully together to reveal your very best skin.


A peptide serum is a great place to start to combat sun damage and restore firmness and health to your skin. Super Seed Serum contains peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and plant oils - it's a brilliantly hard-working product that slots easily into any routine.

Focus on nourishment to combat dry and dehydrated skin. Replacing lost lipids is a great idea and will help prevent your skin barrier becoming compromised as we head into winter. Super Seed Facial Oil with it's blend of 21 seed oils is my go-to to soothe, nourish and restore my skin. I also use Intense Night Oil every night - the retinoid helps combat sun damage and encourages my skin not to be too sluggish.


Our new Intense Overnight Mask delivers active ingredients that brighten and even your skin tone at the same time as offering deep hydration and comfort. Layer on top of your facial oil at night. For day, a layer of Super Seed Nutrient Cream  over your facial oil helps seal in the lipids and provides a protective barrier against the elements.

Love Arabella xx