All about Radiance Reveal Mask

September 30, 2021


with our new Radiance Reveal Mask. Packed with illuminating ingredients like lactic acid and mandelic acid, this lightweight formula buffs away dullness, decongests pores and reduces dark spots and pigmentation, for even, glowing skin.

What's in the Radiance Reveal Mask?

Radiance Reveal Mask is a highly active resurfacing mask with a powerhouse duo of mandelic acid and lactic acid. Known for their ability to exfoliate skin evenly, these AHA acids work beautifully together to reveal your very best skin.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Lactic and mandelic acids sweep away dead skin cells and congestion, smoothing skin texture and boosting cell turnover to reveal a unified, radiant complexion. Their special molecular structure also means they're sensitive-skin friendly!

Natural Plant Extracts

Because acid exfoliation can sensitise skin, Radiance Reveal Mask is enhanced with a proven calming complex of natural plant extracts and is free from fragrance allergens.

Rice Bran Oil

A fantastic source of Vitamin B and E, this lightweight oil delivers moisture deep into your skin while combatting free radical damage with its high antioxidant content. Rich in fatty acids, it helps shield your skin barrier for healthy, luminous skin.

Oat Kernel Oil

Comforting, calming and hydrating, this oil's high ceramide content works to repair compromised skin, strengthen your skin barrier and soothe irritation. Plus, it's a humectant, meaning it's able to lock moisture in for longer-lasting hydration.

What can Radiance Reveal Mask do for my skin?

Formulated to help improve texture, decongest pores, prevent breakouts, even out pigmentation, and reduce fine lines.

It's a multi-tasking, must-have hero!

The Ritual

Smooth onto face and neck, taking care to avoid the eye area. Leave on for 5-15 minutes then remove with a damp face cloth. Use twice a week, or as needed. Some tingling may be experienced and is normal. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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